Relational Presence and story telling

Live on-site and live online training

You hear it everywhere: “Stop selling, start telling”
But how exactly do you do that?

We have been telling stories for centuries. Stories feed your imagination. They let you look at the world with a new lens. A story organizes and gives meaning to events,and connects people with each other. It gives a new experience and feeling for your target group or management in your organization. However…

  • What exactly is a good story?
  • How do I make a story?
  • How do I tell my story with impact?

In this follow-up training you will discover how you can turn everything into a true story. How, where and when you can use it and above all… how you convey it authentically and with lasting impact. We use the method of Relational Presence, the structure of storytelling and other frameworks as a roadmap to your unique way of grasping and telling a story.

Storytelling and relational presence are almost inextricably linked to each other and together form a powerful tool for getting your message across in a unique and authentic way.

Please note.

This training is a sequel to ‘Presenting and public speaking – Authentic impact. Have you not followed this training, but are you still interested in the storytelling part? Please get in touch!

This training is offered both on location (1 day) and online (2 half-days).

Practical details:

Online training

Duration: 2 day parts
Investment: €395,- (excl. VAT)

14 + 21 June, 13:30 – 17:00 CET
3 + 10 Aug., 13:30 – 17:00 CET
16 + 23 Sept., 13:30 – 17:00 CET
18 + 25 Oct., 13:30 – 17:00 CET

Training on location

Duration: 1 day
Investment: €475,- (excl. VAT)

Due to current Covid19 measures training will only be delivered online and not on location, until further notice.

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“I was surprised that at the end I could tell a story in a more calm way and was even called powerful. This training is applicable in many sectors. Especially in sectors where many meetings are held, this seems to me a very useful training! Kilke presented it calmly, enthusiastically and with conviction. I noticed that she fully supports the method, which gives confidence.
– C. Meijer (Customer service)