Presenting and public speaking – Authentic impact

Live and online

You are about to speak in front of a group, give a presentation at work, apply for a job or address your employees. 

Maybe this is in person, or increasingly online.. You are not sure if you will appear relaxed or whether you will stay on top of your nerves and get your audience on board with your vision or plan. Recognizable? Then this training is for you!

What are you going to learn?

  • You will speak confidently for each group
  • You will express yourself authentically
  • You will have genuine contact with your audience
  • You will discover your own unique “voice” and style
  • You will speak from your core, without notes
  • You will  experience “the buzz” of speaking from your own strength

You will learn how to make contact with yourself and your audience in a relaxed way and the rest will come naturally. You no longer have to think about where to put your hands or whether you are in the ‘right’ position. You will learn to develop your natural appearance and experience the successful transmission of your message with your own authentic speaking style. The techniques you will learn will help you transfer your story and message effectively with confidence and even enjoyment! You will know how to touch your audience with energy and emotional honesty so that your content comes across with lasting impact.

Presenting or speaking in public in “real life” is different from “online”. In this training you will experience that, despite the essential differences, the fundamental and essential skills are the same.

Once you have completed the training, there is the option of deepening it by means of a (live) follow-up process, one-on-one coaching or tailor-made training. An (online) practice studio gives you the opportunity to apply and rehearse your skills and practice in an inspiring, supportive and safe atmosphere.

This training is offered both on location (1 day) and online (2 half days).

Practical details

Online training

2 half-days
€ 395,- (ex VAT)

14 + 21 June, 18:30 – 21:30 CET
3 + 10 Aug., 18:30 – 21:30 CET
16 + 23 Sept., 18:30 – 21:30 CET
18 + 25 Oct., 18:30 – 21:30 CET

Training op locatie

1 dag 
€ 475,- (ex VAT)

Due to current Covid19 measures training will only be delivered online and not on location, until further notice.

Sign up and come and experience it yourself!

“Kilke ensures that you feel safe during the training. Her personal stories provide even more connection and invite you to be just as open. Adjustment is done with warmth, empathy and genuine interest. I found the training a very pleasant experience.”
– R. van der Schaaf (Manager Marketing & Communications)

“The most important learning experience for me was to become aware of my behavior while sending messages and where it comes from. The technique I have learned helps a lot with this and I want to keep applying it. Connection over substance. The training was given on-line and was really great and very well thought out. In order to go further in depth, I think it is also nice to have a  follow up live training on location.”
– A. Schoots (Teacher)